Medicare Cards to Remove Social Security Numbers Pt1

Beneficiaries of Medicare have been whining for years about printing their social security numbers on Medicare cards. Finally, their worries have been put to rest when the well-known white, red, and blue Medicare card finally transforms after about half a century.

As of April, the government began the monumental task of sending new Medicare cards to each person with Medicare; i.e. 57.7 million beneficiaries of Medicare. The new cards no longer contain your Social Security number, which has become increasingly worrisome in times of ubiquitous identity theft. Instead, the new Medicare cards contain a combination of randomly generated numbers and letters that become your new unique Medicare number. The new Medicare cards will not only help alleviate the vulnerability of older people through identity theft, but will also reduce fraud and protect the taxpayer from an explosion of medical identity theft, with various frauds such as the abuse system of Medicare.

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Although the new cards still retain the familiar white, red, and blue color, the new card contains a combination of randomly generated numbers and uppercase letters of 11 characters instead of the 9-digit Social Security number followed by a letter.

  • A person’s gender is no longer displayed.
  • The maps are now bilingual in English and Spanish, which makes them a little harder to read.
  • The signature line is removed

When will the new Medicare card arrive? Current beneficiaries of Medicare started receiving their new Medicare cards in April of this year. The cards are sent by the state. The first wave of mailing will go to the mid-Atlantic states of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. The law requires that all 57.7 million Medicare beneficiaries receive their new Medicare cards by April 2019.

Keep in mind that sending a new card to everyone can take some time. Your neighbor or friend can get a card before you.

What do I have to do to get the new Medicare card? Normally you do not have to do anything. A new card will automatically be sent to you by April 2019. However, if your address has changed, you must inform Social Security about your new address. They will inform Medicare who will send your new card to your right address. If you received emails from Medicare or Social Security at your current address last year, they will have your correct address.

If you want to update your current address or verify if the correct social security address is provided, it is better to go to “My account” via the Social Security website. If you do not have an account yet, simply create an account online. The second way to verify or change your address is by calling Social Security from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Waiting times are usually longer on Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, it is best to call from Wednesday to Friday.  Will the new Medicare card alter my Medicare benefits?  No, the new card will not change Medicare benefits.

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