3 Financial Instruments Retirees Can Put Their Money On

Successful investment takes a lot of patience, time and research, and requires a certain level of skill. Many retirees want to invest to make more money, whether it is for attaining some financial objectives, funding the college education of their kids or to go on a luxury vacation, buy a second property or more. Here are 3 types of financial instruments that retirees can invest their money on. https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2019/

Exchange Traded Funds

Also referred to as ETFs, these are fund pools that are invested just like mutual funds. However, as Exchange traded funds are only designed for tracking particular indexes and most of the ETF management happens to be computerized, the fees and maintenance expenses are usually significantly lower for the same. These are highly appropriate for retirees who have just started out as an investor, and want to develop a diversified portfolio minus the discomfort of a money manager or an expensive fund and want to trade as easily as in case of stocks.


Futures trading happen to be a marketplace where customers from across the globe sell and purchase futures contracts. A futures contract is basically a type of contract or agreement for getting a product with a specific price at a particular date in future. After the price is set, it remains secure for the following year irrespective of market alterations.  A few futures markets comprise of interest rates, stock indexes, currencies, commodities and several other investment alternatives like economic indicators. There are huge rewards to expect from this type of investment, although there are some risks as well. Thus, it is important to leave futures only to those investors who are most experienced.


Once investors buy bonds, they purchase an interest in a corporation or company. Bonds, which are loans available from an investor, are issued by companies. Companies in turn consent to paying back the investor with interest at specific intervals.  Bonds investment can be quite secure. Unless a firm gets bankrupt, the investor happens to be more or less sure of getting at least the invested sum back. Such interest payments at particular intervals may be a steady income source for couples who have retired or even for other people who want to make a kind of investment that can generate returns consistently. In case of some kinds of bonds, there might be tax exemptions on the interest that is earned on the bonds.

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